Andy Moore: Which one?

I'm not that Andy Moore from the BBC News Channel, though I have worked for the BBC, and I do smirk when I see my name on screen; nor am I the Rugby player, footballer, snowboarder or actor...

I'm the Andy Moore who has done a load of radio stuff; I was at the cutting edge of the 'mobile web revolution', sold over a million ringtones and had a library of 6.5 million high quality legal music downloads. That was before going bust; giving up everything, and moving to a Spanish island to live in the sun for a bit. It was a ride.

I've put blood, sweat and tears into radio: I've had bloody hands from digging cable trenches from studios to TX sites, I've sweat my a*** off presenting in baking hot studios with no air-con, and the most recent tears were for the death of local radio.

31st August 2020: Some of the best stations just got killed off: I feel like an old friend has been murdered

I first streamed a radio station on the internet back in 1999, I was working at an FM and hooked up a cable with the output from the racks room to my PC; that took the audio signal and converted it to be sent through the web. All of this was done with Winamp on dialup. Yes, Winamp and dialup: so last century.

This site has everything you need to:

I'd love to do voice overs and remote presentation, I just lack somewhere quiet enough to record, and right now I don't have a serious enough microphone, as nice as the Rode NT-USB is, it's not what I consider a professional mic: it's great for Skype, not so great for the audiophile quality files I wish to supply.

Not knocking the NT-USB, I know people who do national radio shows from home using one, it's just not a U87, 103, 416 or NT1. Sorry, I've become such an audiophile elitist.

Gigs I've had:

  • Tea Boy (made drinks for celebs and the occassional paedophile)
  • Receptionist / Admin
  • Acting Head of Music
  • Tech Op: button pressing and knob twiddling
  • Producer
  • Presenter
    • Swing / Cover
    • Evenings
    • Rock Show
    • Album Chart
    • Singles Chart
    • Saturday Breakfast
    • Mid-Mornings
    • Drivetime
  • Newspaper Columnist
  • Traffic and Travel News Reporter
  • Airborne Traffic and Travel News / Flying Eye in Thunderbird One
  • Traffic Manager
  • Group Traffic Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Website Developer
  • Head of Music
  • Head of Station Sound
  • Programme Controller
  • Deputy Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Managing Director

Business Adventures in:

  • Text Messaging
  • Ringtone and Mobile Content Delivery
  • Mobile Content Creation and Supply
  • Premium Rate Telecoms: IVR / SMS
  • Shortcodes / Virtual Numbers
  • Direct Carrier Billing
  • Card Processing
  • Mp3 Downloads and Streaming

Personal Adventures in:

  • Mobile Web Design
  • Mobile Device Detection: 100k+ users
  • Mobile Location / Mobile Carrier Detection
  • Making WordPress mobile, WordPress Mobile Plugin: 100k+ users
  • SMS to Email Services
  • Telecoms Services: IVR / SMS
  • Conference Speaking / Technical Presentation
  • Mobile Web Technical Evangelism
  • Web Hosting / Domain Registation
  • Radio Streaming and Automation Technology
  • Setting up FM, DAB and Internet Radio Stations


  • The first Merchant and client to do a live transaction with PayPal on a mobile phone
  • The first .mobi Certified Mobile Web Developer
  • The first voice to broadcast live on DAB in the UK

Stuff I still want to do:

  • ROSPA Advanced Driving
  • Train to Skydive
  • Train to Paraglide
  • Train to Paramotor
  • Mejorar mi español
  • Improve my Spanish
  • More island hopping
  • Start another radio station
  • Get Voiceover training; a booth and TLM 103
  • Launch a superior streaming and automation platform...
  • Publish a book: Publishers and Literary Houses, hit me up, thanks!

Other bits:

  • Hablo un poco de español, mejor que el idiota turista promedio
  • I speak a little Spanish, better than the average tourist idiot
  • Tengo un numero de identidad extranjera (NIE)
  • I have a Spanish foreigner's identity number (NIE)

Possible future articles on:

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