Cloud Based Radio Automation

I've spent half my working life in radio stations; the other half programming web applications, now I've decided to focus on merging both skill sets together to produce a platform for streaming radio that's unlike any other.

My aim is to build a platform that will allow me to lauch, and manage, a radio station through the internet. Then only once I'm satisfied it does all I need, and more, will I make it available to others.

Progress Indicators

= on the list
= in progress
= done
= done but has bugs

Music Management and Reporting:

Current library: 1,174 songs, 10% tagged and cue pointed

This system learns what songs people like or dislike, and responds accordingly:

  • Which songs make your audience switch off?
  • Which songs do listeners like and dislike?
  • Which songs are requested the most?

It stops artists and songs coming around too often with separation rules:

  • Hours between artist plays
  • Hours between related artists playing
  • Hours between track plays
  • Hours between tracks of the same title

It has do not play for X days option:

  • Between artist plays
  • Between track plays

Related artist values can be set per artist:

  • Beyonce ~ Destiny's Child
  • George Michael ~ WHAM!
  • Stevie Nicks ~ Fleetwood Mac
  • Paul Weller ~ The Jam, The Style Council

Will be able to set related artist values per track:

  • Chainsmokers, Something Just Like This ~ Coldplay
  • George Michael, As ~ Mary J Blige / Stevie Wonder

It does more:

  • Can exclude tracks from certain days and certain shows (daypartings)
  • Comes with an easy to use cue point editor to make transitions sound smooth
  • Full artist and track broadcast history with listener counts at the start, and 30 seconds later
  • Run reports with everything your music royalty reporting licence issuer requires (except payments!)

Icecast2 Streaming Server

This is no ordinary Icecast setup!

  • Record live shows then make them available On-Demand in an instant
  • Support Podcasts and audio syndication
  • Stream in any bitrate, with broadband and mobile streams as default:
    • High Quality: 320 kbps
    • Mobile Quality: 128 kbps
  • Come without listener limits
  • SSH / icecast.xml access
  • Offer Stream Intro Sponsorship / Pre-Roll advertising
  • Keep your listener figures private
  • Show you how many listeners you have in real-time
  • Provide historic listener data
  • Integrate with Google Analytics for more extensible reporting tools
  • Supports webhooks
    • Listener connect
    • Listener disconnect
    • Broadcaster connect
    • Broadcaster disconnect

Liquidsoap Cloud Automation

  • 24 / 7 / 365 automation
  • Live presenter / studio opt-in
  • Dynamic music selection from database with separation rules
  • Automatically back-time the last song of the hour up to the News Bulletin
  • Insert features, branding and ads
  • Real-time Requests: lets listeners select songs in accordance with rotation rules
  • Accept Requests by Text Message

Content Management

  • Post news to your station's website site; have it automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter
  • Persistent player on pages: keeps playing whilst visitors navigate your site
  • Player solicits feedback on the music and encourages social engagement with the artist being played
  • Run sponsorships online in perfect unison with your on-air output
  • Open up non-traditional sources of revenue which outperform advertising and sponsorship
  • Uses the least invasive cookie alert
  • Comes with a built in SMS Gateway
    • Accept incoming messages with virtual mobile numbers and dedicated short codes
    • SMS to Email: inbound messages are sent to the studio
    • Unlimited Keywords: you have the full number
    • Autoresponders: reply "Thanks for your text / request" etc
    • Manage premium SMS campaigns: reverse billed messaging

Also on the list

  • Voice tracking
  • Live Studio
  • Playlist management tools
  • Online Vox-Pop Recorder
  • Online Interview Tool
  • Events Guides / Diaries
  • Geographic / Community API integrations
    • Chemist Directory / Opening Times
    • Surgery / Clinic Directory / Opening Times
    • Dental Surgery Directory / Opening Times
    • School Closure details
  • More Music API integrations
  • Weather API integration
  • Concert Ticket Sales API integration
  • Temperature based scheduling of commercials
  • Online Advertising Sales
  • Listener Club
  • Manage Shows / Dayparts
  • Manage Presenters / Voice Trackers
  • Presenter Bios / Blogs
  • Music / artist / song info
  • Requests / interaction via Twitter / Messenger / WhatsApp
  • Online Advertising Sales
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Gadget interactions: Amazon, Google, Apple
  • More, so very much 'Moore'...