Internet Radio Bandwidth Calculator

How much data does your Internet Radio Station need?

What makes this bandwidth calculator different?

I've looked at other bandwidth calculators and think many are limited; they're geared towards smaller internet broadcasters and don't have many input options. I decided to expand the inputs to cover a single listener, through to a million listeners; added higher bitrates for visual radio, plus made tune ins range from a second, to a year, along with 15 minutes as an increment because that's how radio audiences are traditionally measured.

It can also be used to calculate how much disk space you need to log audio.

If you think it can be improved let me know how and I'll make it better.

Data Definitions:

A binary digit
The smallest measurement used to quantify computer data
8 Bits
A group of 8 binary digits
Kilo Byte
1,024 bytes
1 listener for 1 minute at 128 kbps = 960 KB
Mega Byte
1,024 KB
10 listeners for 1 hour at 128 kbps = 652.50 MB
Giga Byte
1,024 MB
100 listeners for 1 hour at 256 kbps = 10.99 GB
Tera Byte
1,024 GB
10,000 listeners for 1 hour at 320 kbps = 1.34 TB
Peta Byte
1,024 TB
500,000 listeners for 24 hours at 320 kbps = 1.57 PB
Exa Byte
1,024 PB
1,000,000 listeners 24/7/365 at 320 kbps = 1.12 EB
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