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British National born 12th June 1975


Radio Presenting Web Developer

I'm a PHP and JavaScript developer who writes well documented, efficient code on the back end which produces clean, standards compliant, accessible HTML on the front.

I spent a decade working in radio then spent the following decade building a ringtone and music download business I've also written and released software in PHP which has been used by thousands including NASA, Nintendo, Stanford and Shrek.

I recently helped launch a DAB radio station, assisted with their streaming setup and presented a few mid-morning shows which rekindled my love of radio! I'm currently developing my own concept for automated online radio and looking for a role in broadcast technology where the different aspects of my skills can work together


Lead Web Developer / Co-founding Director

Palace Marketing Limited: Ringtone and Mp3 Download Provider

September 2002 - February 2012

Airborne Traffic and Travel News Broadcaster

Traffic Link: formerly Metro Networks, now INRIX

June 2001 - August 2001

Flying Eye travel news reporter for a number of commercial radio stations: compiled bulletins and broadcast from a light aircraft (Piper Seneca II). The plane was called Thunderbird One and I was in the air, and on the air, Monday through Thursday mornings for the breakfast show, as well as on a Friday for the afternoon drive show, we flew from EMA (East Midlands Airport) and I presented bulletins for:

Traffic Manager / Radio Presenter / Producer

107 Oak FM Limited

January 1999 - June 2001

Internal Career Development:

Presenter Development:

Roles Covered:

Sports Production Broadcast Assistant

BBC Radio York

December 1998 - June 1999

This fast paced, high octane role in live sports production had me monitoring two football match commentaries at once; one local, one regional, recording both and editing out any goals for broadcast 'as live', writing cues, collating scores, and operating technical equipment to drive studios on-air

Group Traffic Manager

Minster Sound Radio Group Plc

December 1997 - December 1998

Traffic Manager / Producer / Presenter

Yorkshire Dales Radio Limited

March 1997 - December 1997

Traffic and Travel News Broadcaster

North East Travel Network: acquired by Metro Networks, now INRIX

August 1996 - October 1996

Broadcast Assistant / Acting Head of Music

Yorkshire Coast Radio Limited

November 1993 - July 1996

Duties included:

During my time at Yorkshire Coast Radio we:


Charnwood Radio

Online radio for Loughborouh Icecast Streaming Server, automated playout software, a couple of thousand songs some branding and a concept.

Automatic Posting to Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter automation system Auto Social automatically publishes recurring and scheduled posts to Facebook and Twitter

Mobile Device Detection

A PHP script to detect mobile phones on your website I had a need for this code so wrote it, it has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has been used by many well known names:

Location Detection

PHP, HTML5 and JavaScript based Mobile Geolocation code to help make your website location aware with the user's latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

Free SMS to Email

Receive text messages in your email inbox. This is a free SMS to email service for businesses and radio stations who want to receive SMS text messages by email.

WordPress Click to Call Plugin

Show a Click to Call Button on your WordPress website with my plugin and turn your site into a powerful telephone, answerphone and SMS gateway.

Other previous projects:

WordPress Mobile Plugin

A long time ago I installed WordPress as a CMS and put the words "Mobile Web Developer" on my site, then noting how my site didn't have a mobile browser friendly version set about writing something to change that. After a several day long intense coding session I'd released 'WordPress Mobile Plugin' which detected mobile phones on WordPress blogs and showed them a mobile friendly template.

At the peak of this plugin's success it was installed on tens of thousands of sites and can be estimated to have generated over a hundred million page impressions a month on the mobile web, calculated on my 1% share of mobile advertising which was enabled within the plugin

And more...


Cameron Moll: Mobile Web Book

This self-published book by Cameron Moll is "A web standards approach for delivering content beyond the desktop" and was the first publication to mention my work. Cameron's book references my mobile browser detection code and sold over a thousand copies in the first week.

Brian Fling: Mobile Web Design and Development

This O'Rielly published book by Brian Fling covers "Practical concepts and techniques for creating mobile sites and web apps". This books features my WordPress Mobile Plugin as well as my mobile browser detection software.

Janine Warner and David Lafontain: Mobile Web for Dummies

Janine and David created "The perfect place to learn how to design Web sites for mobile devices!" under the popular Dummies brand from Wiley publishing. The book is a practical guide to planning and creating mobile websites and also features my mobile browser detection code.

William Harrel: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Development For Dummies

I didn't even know this guy had mentioned me in his book till I did an ego search for the function name of my PHP device detection code!