Frequently Asked Questions

What file format / bit-depth sample rate do you supply?

I supply mono wave files at 24 bit, 48,000Hz / 48KHz which have been normalised to -3dBFS unless you'd prefer something different, in which case please contact me before ordering to check I can supply what you need.

How long before I get my recording?

Most recordings are usually delivered pretty quickly, most often on the same day, though to cover long term clients and workload, I offer a standard service with delivery inside three working days.

If you need your audio sooner please select the next working day option on the order form.

If you need your audio double-quick urgent, please contact me and I will see if I can fit you in with some urgency.

How many revisions do you offer?

Before you place your order please ensure you've filled in the Directions or Instructions box to tell me how to say anything complicated, hopefully with such good direction from you, I'll be able to ensure your recording is faultless on the first take.

If I get something wrong, and the error is from my mouth, I'll own it and send you a corrected recording, for free, as soon as I can. If you change the wording, that's a fresh order as you've changed what we agreed I would say when you place your order.

Please see the terms and conditions before you order, if you've any questions just get in touch.

Can you send me an invoice?

I work on a pre-paid basis unless there are really good reasons to switch you to a post-paid, monthly invoice model.

You would really need to be a brand I want to work with in order for me to want to raise invoices: it would mean moving away from the Voiceover E-Commerce model I'm forging for myself, and other Voice Talent, through my Voiceovers Direct service.

Do I own your recording forever?

The duration of the license I grant for recordings is laid out on the order page, somethings last 12 weeks, somethings 2 years, I would consider buyouts in perpetuity under certain circumstances.

If I buy 500 IVR prompts, can I have X a week / month?

I would prefer to record all of your scripts in one session.

If you need regular recordings please get in touch as I'd be happy to work with you on a retainer basis.>