Free Stream Monitoring

Stream monitoring and silence detection for radio stations

After recently publishing my guide on how to setup an Icecast server it dawned on me that it would be really handy to monitor that stream to make sure I know if it ever goes down.

I looked around the web for stream monitoring services and found a few. Within seconds one site was asking for my credit card details and I could see how this was going to work out, I'm a bit of a geek, I know monitoring services are nothing more than glorified HTTP requests so I decided to build something myself.

Monitor your stream for free

Free stream health checks every minute

My service will perform a check on your stream every minute of every hour and it will email you when it detects a problem, that's more frequent than some premium services!

525,600 stream health checks a year for free

Silence and Volume Detection

In addition to checking if your stream is online and happy, my system will also check if your stream is quiet or silent, some monitoring companies will charge extra for features I offer as standard.

Receive email notifications when

  • Your stream is down
  • Your stream is quiet
  • Your stream is silent
  • Your stream is back up

It's not just monitoring, it's an insight into automation and presenters

Since monitoring my own stream I've discovered some junctions in my automation are too quiet, I've also found out my cloud playout sometimes broadcasts silence instead of the news.

Start monitoring your streams today to get an insight about broken juctions, silence in automation and find out if any of your presenters aren't loud enough, or if any are prone to broadcasting silence.

Monitor your stream for free

SMS Alerts and HTTP Webhooks

SMS Alerts and HTTP Webhooks are available with an optional account upgrade.

Upgrading costs $10 every 4 weeks.

SMS Alerts include 100 messages every 4 weeks. Reserve alerts (which rollover) are also available.

HTTP Webhooks send GET values of 'stream_id' and 'status' to a URL on each stream change.

Monitor your stream for free