IVR Prompts and Telephony Systems

Hello and thank you for calling!

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Get everything you need, but don't fancy paying for! Order just one custom recording and get a handy bundle of extra cuts for free.

All my IVR Voiceover orders get this bundle of high quality recordings for free, more than enough to satisfy the engineer of any IVR system with enough recordings to dynamically make almost unlimited prompts for your callers.

Generic Phone System prompts

All you need to do is order one custom prompt to get all these extra recordings free:

Voicemail Prompts

Includes the most common instructions for voicemail systems.

Numbers, Balances and Currencies

All the number cuts you need to count to 999,999,999,999, you can create over a billion statements in this free package!

Sign Offs

Interactive Phone Systems need a voiceover that understands IVR

Back in the days when ringtones where a huge thing, I was selling bucket loads of them each week, he had payment mechanisms around the world ranging from Premium SMS through to direct carrier billing, and our own bespoke Mobile Web payment system, my favorite of all was Premium Rate Phonelines: it gave me an appreciation of some really cool systems, all of which involved per second billing, and revolved around high quality voiceovers for each phone line and service we operated.

I understand from my own experience how important it is to work with good quality audio that's been edited with IVR in mind.

Anyone can record "Hello and thank you for calling" but when it comes to more advanced systems, for example telling a user their account balance, the audio needs editing in a way to guarantee it's not going to leave an IVR engineer screaming at their system.

All my IVR recordings are purposly edited in a way that makes sure clip after clip can play seamlessly, without those annoying clicks.


All orders are subject to my Terms and Conditions of trade

All orders are subject to my Terms and Conditions of trade