British English Male Voice Over Studio Spec

Voiceover Studio

My Studio is a USB Microphone free zone!

Premium Professional Products

Neumann TLM 103 

One of the best Voiceover Microphones money can buy.

Mic arm and cabling: König & Meyer 23860

Universal Audo Apollo Solo

Class leading Analogue to Digital Audio Conversion from Universal Audio.

Adobe Audition / TwistedWave / MacBook

I record and edit audio using either Adobe Audition or TwistedWave, on a silent, fanless Apple MacBook Air.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones

Closed back reference headphones.

Blue Frog Audio Acoustics

Five inches of professionally constructed acoustic panels surround my recording environment.

No Echoes or Reverberation!

No Noise Reduction

The silence in a Voice Artist's environment is more important than how they sound!

Whilst I still have planes, including regular Spitfires; trucks, and neighbours to deal with, your recordings will be clean and free from all environmental noise.

Other bits and toys