Terms and Conditions

Let's do this in 'human speak' rather than 'lawyer talk' so we're both clear on where we stand.

The Right to Reject

You have the right to pick and choose which voice talent you work with, likewise I have the right to be selective over the projects I lend my voice to.

Should I feel like I'm not best suited to your project I'll let you know and refer you to some other British Male Voice Overs.

Please don't take this personally, it's not about me rejecting your offer, it's about you getting a voice talent who is better suited for your script.

I want nothing but the best performance for you, if I can't authentically deliver that, I'll point you towards other voices.

The types of project I might wish to refer you to someone else for include:

Any pre-paid orders that I don't feel like I can record, and bring a believable performance to, will be refunded within a rapid timeframe.

I own my screw-ups

Hopefully with good communications, a clear script brief and great direction there's no reason for anything to go wrong with my read. Should there be any errors on my part, pronunciation etc, I will re-record those lines for you for free.

If I mess something up, I'll fix it as quickly as I can.

If I'm not certain on how to say something I'll ask you, the quicker you can reply, the quicker I can record.

You own yours

Changing how I say something, beyond the correction of errors on my part, or changing the words in the script, will fall outside my revision policy.

Any changes to the wording, or the direction of a script, will be rejected as revisions, and will require a new order.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing you own the copyright of the script and. I own the copyright of the performance.

I only say the words

You're legally responsible for them, not me. 

What to expect and when

I deliver 48KHz / 48,000 Hz, 24-Bit mono wave files as standard, without any EQ or processing other than normalisation to -3 dBFS.

If you would like a different sample rate, bit-depth or file format, please contact me to seek confirmation that I can deliver to your specification.

I aim to deliver all recordings within 24 hours though there are times when this isn't possible. When I can't stick to my regular, speedy delivery, I will let you know when to expect your audio, but hopefully it should never take any more than 72 hours.

Everything is open to discussion

These are my standard terms, if you want to cut a different deal use the form below to get in touch.