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About Me

Voice Over, Developer, Producer & Broadcaster
Working with Voices & Audio for nearly 30 years
Member of WoVO and SoVAS
Background in radio, audio production & web development

Voice Over (service launching later this year)

I'm not recording right now, my focus is lazer locked on building the best platform to sell my voice.

When my voiceover service goes live, I will offer the following:

  • Easy Online Ordering: I'm developing a platform that makes it easy for you to buy voice overs online
  • 24 Hour Delivery: I'll complete most orders in less than 24 hours, if you need your audio sooner please contact me
  • Professional Grade Studio: I'll use a Neumann TLM 103 microphone in my voice over studio
  • Engineer Grade Audio: I'll deliver 48KHz 24 Bit wav files, if you'd like a different sample rate, bit-depth or format please contact me
  • Available to Audition: If you think I might be an ideal voice for a project, please request an audition

Online Ordering

I've some great studio kit, and currently have far too much ambient noise, I lack a quiet enough recording environment. As soon the Voiceovers Direct platform is completed my primary focus will shift to getting users, then I'll undergo some Voice Coaching from people like Barbara Houseman, Stewart Pearce, and Patsy Rodenburg, then I'll get a booth and the fun will begin.

My reading pile includes the aforementioned, plus works from Cic Berry, Konstantin Stanislavski, and Sanford Meisner, my reading wish-list includes titles by Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, and Michael Chekhov.

Voiceovers Direct: A better way to sell your voice

When setting up as a Voice Artist I found the options for selling my voice online not to be to my liking: the platforms I'd seen wanted me to "pay to play", or take a 20% slice of revenue, sometimes both. I looked for a better way to sell my voice, there wasn't one so I used my development skills to build a platform that helps voice artists sell their voice direct to clients, without losing any cash in commission.

This site is powered by Voiceovers Direct.

The Voice Over Startup Guide

I authored the Voice Over Startup Guide. It's essential reading for all new voice overs.

The Voiceover Guide website is also powered by Voiceovers Direct.

Voice Over Group Community

I also founded an online community for Voice Artists called the Voice Over Group to discuss the guide, and bring their own opinions to the table.

Web Development, Mobile Web and Technical Innovation

Web Development

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Systems
  • Platforms
  • Commerce
Specialist Fields
  • Web, SMS and IVR Platform Development
  • Payment Mechanisms
    • Premium Rate SMS / Reverse Billing
    • Premium Rate IVR Systems
    • Custom Payment Solutions
  • Streaming Radio Servers
  • Audio Manipulation / Conversion
  • Cloud Radio Automation
  • Mobile Content Delivery
  • Mobile Browser Detection

Mobile Web: Ringtones, Mobile Content and Music Downloads

  • Wrote a mobile content platform for all types of ringtone; graphics, videos, games and music downloads
  • Sourced, negotiated and licensed a mobile content library of over 50,000 ringtones
  • Sold ringtones to the public: provided mobile content to networks, industry / media partners, and globally known brands
  • Entered the music download market: sourced and managed an inventory of 6,500,000+ legal songs from all the big labels
  • Wrote a ground-breaking reverse billed / premium SMS powered mobile web billing system with phenomenal repeat sales
  • Sourced, negotiated and integrated premium rate payment solutions in 24 countries

Then 'The Frog' happened and the public's trust in our primary billing means came crashing to an end, as did our business.

Technical Innovation

  • Wrote a PHP based 'Mobile Device Detection' system that was used by 100,000+ sites including many global brand names
  • Wrote 'Wordpress Mobile Plugin' which was used on 100,000+ sites
  • Presented for a global payment processing brand at an event in London about the future of the mobile web
  • Helped 1,000+ radio stations stream to Alexa devices, including national and international brand franchises
  • Wrote an Icecast, liquidsoap and HLS powered streaming radio platform that can handle a million plus concurrent listeners
  • Books that mention my work

Radio: Production, Presentation and Management

Radio is a love that goes as far back as my earliest memories!

Head of Station Sound, Head of Music, Programme Controller

Superyacht Radio

I moved to Palma de Mallorca for a short time to be part of the pre-launch management team at this luxury niche, internet only radio station.

  • Crafted the station's 'feel good' sound with warm bouncy Balearic beats, chilled tunes and relaxed R'n'B.
  • Setup the studio, configured and optimised their playout system
  • Devised music policy: sourced, imported, and cue pointed the entire music library to sub-second accuracy
  • Recruited and produced nationally known and respected broadcasters for the team
  • Managed all presenter talent so we were all in tune and singing from the same song-sheet
  • Managed all automated output: about 120 hours a week, backtiming each hour to the news
  • Presented the mid-morning show live, whilst producing the show ahead of me at the same time...

Streaming Services and Presentation

Coast and County Radio

Pre-launch techie, helped them get on-air and online: they initially used my servers to power their stream, and that fed Arqiva's network of four DAB transmitters across the county.

I also presented the mid-morning show, live from my birth town, broadcasting back to my home town.

Airborne Traffic and Travel News Broadcaster

Metro Networks / Traffic Link

Two-thousand feet above your street, broadcasting live from "Thunderbird One".

A great job if you're a fan of turbulence, near misses and electrical failures in a beaten up tin can that somehow manages to get off the ground.

Despite being paid danger money, the balance of danger to dough wasn't right for me.

  • Beacon FM Black Country
  • Beacon FM Shropshire
  • 105.4 Leicester Sound
  • Northants 96
  • 96 Trent FM
  • Wyvern FM

Traffic Management, Production, Presentation, Presenter Management

107 Oak FM

Part of the pre-launch team, worked my way to hosting primetime and managing other presenters.

  • Traffic Manager
  • Commercial and Features Production
  • Newspaper columnist: Loughborough Echo
  • Hosted Live Events and Roadshows (gigs ranging from 5 people to 5,000 people)
  • Presentation Progression:
    • Voicetracked a live sounding overnight show
    • Evening Show
    • Saturday Breakfast
    • Album Chart / Classic Rock Show
    • Top 40 Chart Show
    • Drivetime
  • The first voice to broadcast live on DAB in the United Kingdom
  • Built and managed the station's website
  • Setup live streaming and on-demand news bulletins
  • Deputy Programme Controller: helped Sculpt the 'Station Sound'

Live Sport Production

BBC Radio York / BBC North Yorkshire

Monitoring two different match commentaries, editing the action for broadcast 'as-live' which required stereo thinking and high-octane doing, it taught me how to edit audio under pressure.

I also covered some technical operation shifts: driving the desk and making sure recorded output went to air okay.

Group Traffic Manager

Minster Sound Radio PLC

Migrated traffic systems from CBSI to Broadnet. Scheduled local, regional, and national ad campaigns for a group of radio stations.

Balanced logs for networked output. Was awarded for my socio-economic demographic targeting and post campaign analysis skills by Katz International Radio Sales, the group's Sales House.

Scheduled and invoiced over a million pounds of airtime and sponsorship for the group.

  • Minster FM
  • Yorkshire Coast Radio
  • Costcutter Satellite Radio (instore / international)

I also presented a couple of Late Night Love / Quiet Storm / Wind-down Zone style shows as cover.

Traffic Management, Production and Presentation

Yorkshire Dales Radio

I got my first presenter job there, and looked after the ad scheduling, ad copy and invoicing as Traffic Manager.

I was part of the pre-launch team and the first voice to broadcast live on the station.

  • Features Production
  • Traffic Manager: balanced / split transmissions
  • Commercial Production
  • Copy Management
  • Evening Show Presenter

Traffic and Travel News Broadcaster

North East Travel Network / Metro Networks North East

Collating and presenting Traffic and Travel bulletins for several radio stations:

  • Magic 828
  • Minster FM
  • Stray FM
  • Viking FM

I also acted as weekend editor, making check calls to the authorities, then feeding the information through to the team of broadcasters.

Admin / Technical Operation

Yorkshire Coast Radio

The pay was terrible but this was the most fun ever: I was 18, playing great songs and making amazing sounding, market leading radio!

I joined a week after launch, and was part of a Sony Radio Award winning team which had spectacular RAJAR results

We made some of the best, most listened to radio in the country at YCR. Rest in peace, mi amigo.

  • Admin / Banking / Reception
  • Features Production
  • Newspaper columnist: Scarborough Evening News
  • Technical Operation
  • Acting Head of Music

If you think my skillset can help bring value to your project, get in touch and we'll see what magic we can create.

Let's talk


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