Currently Teaching Myself


Hand stitched book being pressed after being bound
Archival Grade paper bound in 14 x 4 folio signatures


Italian Conceria Walpier Buttero Leather Wallets
Hand stitched wallets from one of the finest leathers

Learning Ancient Arts (and lovin' it)

Preparation for crafting a book from scratch
Materials for an archive-grade hardbound journal: paper, board, bookcloth, mull, endpaper & flyleaf x 2, linen tapes and ribbons

I'm now 2 years into a 3 month break from coding and find working with my hands; leather, paper, threads and needles to be far more challenging, stimulating and rewarding than sitting over a computer, repeated refreshing a page or backend application... 

Hosting sites; Internet Radio Streams, Alexa Skills and running web platforms that rock is one thing, but I don't get a buzz out of noughts and ones like I used to. Writing fifty lines of code to output "200" on a screen doesn't have the same reward as holding a wallet I've created myself with the finest Italian leather, or flicking through the pages of a book I've stitched by hand.

I'm quite surprised myself: I've gone from being 100% digital and at the forefront of the cutting edge; once having 50,000+ ringtones and 6,500,000 music tracks, and powering millions of online page impressions a day, to being totally flabbergasted at having 27 28 different types of thread to choose from, and 60 70 needles to stitch them with.

Archive-grade, hand crafted hardback journaling book: 24k gold gilding on painted edges
Plus hardback micro-journal; LAMY Al-Star 2023 Special Edition Lilac fountain pen, and marbled decorative endpaper

Leather bound, hand stitched, hardback notebook with golden marbled endpapers
Chesterfield Sofa scrap leather cover, spine and pen holder, adorned with brass corner furniture

Book VII - Not just a book, it's an experience
This is my latest creation, it's a thing of sumptuous beauty with no expense spared

How I made this leather bound hardback luxury notebook

Radio Presenter and Voice Over Artist

An Authenic British Male Voice Artist

Also available as.... An Artificial Intelligence Powered Professional Voice Clone: Inquire

Legendary Voiceover Microphones with Professional Acoustic Treatment
The awesome Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser MKH 416 microphones, surrounded by five inches of acoustic panels for a pristine sound

Order Voiceovers Online

I have a professionally equipped and acoustically treated Voiceover Recording Studio from which I provide pristine sounding, crisp, clean audio that's as equally fit for use on the silver screen by a global brand, as it in within smaller projects for an individual or table top startup.

If you would like a custom audition, please  get in touch or order your voiceover online.

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Get 100 words professionally recorded for £50

IVR Prompts and Telephony Systems

Hello and thank you for calling!

UK Radio Spots

English Male Voice Over for UK Radio Spots 

UK TV Commercials

An authentic British Voice Artist for TV Spots